Hashflares Exit And The Future Of Cloud Mining

The results for cloud mining show up on the account of the client 24 hours after the mining of the first block is done. The client can choose the withdrawal method from wire transfers, credit cards, and Bitcoin. Registration for HashFlare entails the nationality, date of birth, username and the password. This information is kept safe for security purposes and may be asked from time to time when they may feel that the account could be in danger of being compromised. This is the process where one can buy CPU power from data centers which use their equipment located at a remote data center to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on behalf of their customers. Just two days after suddenly making demands for all customers identity documents, the company known as Hashflare has released an email hours ago titled “ End of Mining Service of SHA-256 Contracts”.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

This, they claim, what is causing all contracts to be terminated prematurely. I had an account and mining contract with them from 2018 and mined some bitcoin but when the price of bitcoin dropped they blocked my access to any withdrawal. I communicated with them in that time for several times but no response at all. Their website is still online and even I could access to my account some month ago, but no withdraw or action I could do on my account. They are big scammers and stole every ones money but no one could catch them or no legal action against them.

You then split whatever profits that miner makes with the service provider. This Hashflare review will enable you and make you self-sufficient in deciding whether you must invest in mining-service providers or not. But before you get down to reading the review, you must understand some basics. HashFlare has a website that clients have claimed that they have found it easy to navigate, and they have appreciated the low charges for the initial cloud mining offer.

Redditor /u/urgodfather had a few things to say for those considering legal action. I jumped through all the hoops to verify my ID so I could withdraw the bitcoin and then they went in to perpetual maintenance status. In the end, hopefully we can retrieve a type of “class action” refund as is now happening after the BitConnect scam was finally pursued and stolen funds seized accordingly. I performed a rather extensive investigation and offline archival of information about the entities behind this scam.

The prerequisites for registration is the password and an e-mail address. Melvin Draupnir is a cryptocurrency journalist living on the Moon, where Bitcoin is going! Personally, I wouldn’t invest my money in HashFlare, but in the end, I encourage you to do your own due diligence. Keep in mind that this post shouldn’t be taken as investment advice, it’s just my own research about another investment option in the crypto universe.

Hashflare Profitability If Btc Goes Up

In terminating the contracts, HashFlare followed the clause of their own terms of service, which every user had to sign upon registration. These terms were found to be unaltered since at least last year. The clause in question does not specify a particular entity that is supposed to certify that maintenance and electricity fees indeed exceeded the mining payouts. Even if the evidence that those data centers actually exist is scarce, robust evidence that they do not exist is even scarcer. Hopefully, a trusted third party will soon enter the scene to shed some light on the true state of affairs.

Not every time a miner might be able to solve a block because the competition in mining is too high now. The current mishap appears to be at least the second time on record when HashFlare unilaterally altered its contractual commitments. 11 months ago, the platform switched all SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts from lifetime to one-year, on the grounds of global mining hardware scarcity. Obviously, many cloud miners did not appreciate this development and there was even a petition on with some 2,500 signatures.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

Numerous autonomous companies and audit firms have recently confirmed this fact. Every month they conduct verification processes not to allow anybody to question the platform`s legitimacy. The statement implied that HashFlare would be open to resume Bitcoin mining, should more favorable market conditions arise. Apparently, the cease only concerned Bitcoin contracts, as operations with other crypto assets available in the firm’s portfolio — such as Litecoin and Ethereum — proceeded as usual. Unlike many other mining services, Hashflare offers additional opportunity to save your money while mining.


If I had to give a short answer, I’d say that while the company might be legit it’s NOT a good investment. There’s a thin line on the web between what constitutes a total scam and what’s considered to be just a bad investment opportunity. The funny thing is that even when Bitcoin’s price drops, difficulty can still increase. Payments are made to HashFlare in USD, but payouts are received in BTC. In the example above, I treated the Bitcoin exchange rate as constant.

Bitcoin has seen 80% price drops in the past, and that could seriously affect profitability. HashFlare allows you to buy three different types of cloud mining power . Sha256 is used mainly for mining Bitcoin, Scrypt can be used for mining Litecoin, and ETHASH is used for mining Ethereum and Ethereum classic. They take your money, but they don’t actually buy and run miners for you. They just keep on paying you from new users that come onboard until all of a sudden, they disappear .

With hashflare cloud mining, you can earn money and collect cryptocurrencies without a heavy investment in hardware equipment. Unfortunately, plenty of cloud mining how to accept litecoin payments services presented on the market are considered scams. They just take your money, promise huge incomes, and then suddenly give many reasons for not paying you back.

Granted, infuriated cloud miners took to Twitter and Reddit right away. A sizeable group of people who suspected HashFlare of being a scam finally had the chance to savor their ‘I told you so’ moment. He also brought up a February interview with the firm’s customer relations manager Edgar Bers, pointing to numerous ‘red flags’ — inconsistencies that allegedly indicated the operation’s fraudulent nature. Perhaps the only way to steer clear of fraud is to rely on the reputation of the established cloud mining brands.

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They have been mining Bitcoins and other crypto-assets for over 3 years now and have rich experience in handling servers with high processing power. Hashflare offers the best algorithms possible to mine cryptocurrencies at their fastest. For Bitcoin, they provide SHA-256 algorithm which is the standard algorithm for BTC. For Litecoin, they have Scrypt, for Ethereum they provide ETHASH and for ZCash they have EQUIHASH algorithm, all of which are standard algorithms to mine these currencies.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

All content on is provided solely for informational purposes, and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. Perhaps a different coin/algorithm will yield better results – you can use the same process I did for Bitcoin on any other crypto HashFlare offers and see for yourself. This basically means that if the price drops to a point at which you’re not making money at all, your contract will be terminated.

Public Opinion And Reviews

My main criticism about cloud mining companies is that the majority of them are just Ponzi schemes in disguise. These charges are deducted from the daily payouts of the mining results. NiceHashbot is the software that assists clients to create a personal mining platform.

  • Unlike many other mining services, Hashflare offers additional opportunity to save your money while mining.
  • I’m not as deterred by the bad reviews as I am by the simple math that just makes it seem impossible to actually profit with HashFlare.
  • The client can choose the withdrawal method from wire transfers, credit cards, and Bitcoin.
  • If I had to give a short answer, I’d say that while the company might be legit it’s NOT a good investment.
  • However, not all cloud mining companies are complete scams.
  • However, the actual miner doesn’t charge anything after a year, and HashFlare does.

The first one is the automatic bidding where the clients are free to float their offers and the highest bidder gets the contract. The second type is the constant bidding price that the client is offered upfront and it remains constant as long as the client is still the holder of the contract. This model, unlike HashFlare, does not depend on the investments of the clients but rather, it depends on the complex experience of cloud mining. Another point to consider is that just two days prior to this, the company suddenly started requiring all users to submit ID data to identify themselves. Users who failed to do so were told they could potentially lose access to their accounts if they failed to comply. The timing of this sudden requirement seems coincidental, and some users are suggested this was done as a protective measure against impending lawsuits.

The process of mining always requires using particular energy resources. Therefore, all cloud mining services charge definite maintenance and electricity fees to cover up their costs. The type of selected mining contract and hashrate form usually influences the price. Hashflare is a popular cloud-mining service that allows users to mine cryptocurrency coins, using their high bandwidth by paying nominal charges.

However, not all cloud mining companies are complete scams. It is precisely the question that you must solve for yourself. If you want to stay abreast of the newest trends in the world financial market, you will undoubtedly start mining. It is one of the most stable and verified ways to get profit without going to the office. Hashflare will mine for you and pay you your income, while you are free to spend your free time on other important things in your life.

HashCoins or Hashcoins OÜ was founded in 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. HashFlare is a company owned by another company of crypto experts called HashCoins. While in the past you could actually see who the team members were on the “About” page, the company has since removed any personal information about who runs the company.

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This should have led to a corresponding decrease in difficulty for the rest of the nodes. Even before the disaster, around the time when the mining platform’s dry season allegedly started in mid-June, the network’s hashrate plummeted to around 30 TH/s. As the HashFlare’s account of things seemed to stand in contrast with a widely accepted version of reality, the allegations of fraud began to pour out. While this July has not been the brightest month ever for the crypto market, especially in comparison to December 2017, many users have rightfully questioned HashFlare’s reasoning. Up until July 2019 the company continued to offer different mining contracts, however, today it seems that no more new contracts are available for purchase.

Overview Of Nicehash Mining Service

Hashflare has already developed a ground-breaking system that makes all mining operations according to the type of contract you buy and then pays out you the profit. All your earnings depend on the hash rate according to your contract. However, cloud mining is a more reasonable option because you need not purchase any expensive equipment and pay for too large electricity fees.

That change seems moot, however, as all bitcoin mining contracts still faced cancellation in much the same way that we saw today. Users on another major cloud mining platform — Genesis Mining — reported getting payouts on their contracts as usual. HashFlare’s fluke might well provide a short-term PR boost to other major players in the field, as well as an influx of new users who will want to switch to a presumably more reliable operator. But, in the long run, the fallout from the demise of one of the most prominent cloud mining operations could prove a massive blow to the whole industry. Considering the above, it seems that no matter what happens to Bitcoin’s price, HashFlare isn’t a very wise investment. Indeed, in July 2018 HashFlare announced that it is stopping its mining services and shutting down hardware on current SHA-256 contracts due to difficulty generating revenue.

The website seems to have launched its services somewhere around the beginning of 2015, and since then it has grown immensely. The current rough estimate is that the site has around 150 thousand visitors each month. His interests in cybersecurity, open-source , network effects and the intersection between economics and cryptography make Bitcoin a natural draw.

They have a referral program and competitive prices which benefit the new users a lot. Pay-outs of Hashflare are also quick and faster as compared to other portals. Mining pools and hardcore companies spend millions of dollars on their hardware. And the processing speed and computing power they have is simply unmatched. To mine a coin or any cryptocurrency, you need to compete with them, if you are willing to generate some profits. It is impossible now because the electricity bills alone will be higher than your earned cryptocurrency.

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