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8 Tips for Throwing a Sober Party

I still hated crowds, being part of large groups of people, and being the center of attention. For many how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs years, I lubricated myself with booze so I could pretend I enjoyed those things, and it worked.

going to parties sober

You’ll just need to get through the rules first, which can get tricky when you’re dealing with a large group. Remind them that a sober party also means they’ll all wake up the next day without hangovers, an added bonus. You definitely want to promote your sober party as the hottest ticket in town, but it’s essential to be honest about what that party will look like before guests arrive. You can throw a sober party — where everyone is sober and no alcohol is served — and have a great time.

Tips For Hosting A Fun Sober Party

Bring Your Beverages – Bring a cooler of your sparkling water or soft drinks so you can have a drink in your hands at all times so no one will be able to approach you and offer you a drink. This is a great one that encourages people to celebrate their authentic selves, which is a key recovery concept. A talent show can help people feel seen and also get them excited thinking about the party.

Talk things through with your peers and take everything as a learning lesson. If you can, bring your own water bottle or glass full of soda, so you don’t even have to go near the bar. If you don’t bring your own, when you arrive head straight to the liquid refreshments and help yourself to a safe option such as sparking water. Keep your beverage in your hand for the rest of the evening. That way you won’t have to keep turning down offers of something to drink. People won’t be asking you, and unknowingly tempting you. If you’re trying to keep things sober, make sure the location you choose doesn’t serve alcohol.

Have a support system in place

Even if you’ve been staying home for the past year and are more than a little sick of it, remind yourself that that’s worked for you so far. After a few weeks or months of sobriety we can forget just how bad it was when we were drinking and using drugs.

If not, you can use a temperature-controlling tumbler or keep a cooler in the car for your beverages. One of the simplest solutions to not being asked if you want a drink is to bring your own non-alcoholic drink to imbibe. Consider bringing something special you will enjoy, like a soda you don’t usually get or a punch without alcohol you only make on special occasions.

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